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Architecture and Planning


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Our projects make it easier for people to live responsibly in their natural and social and cultural environments. Actually buildings should serve a higher purpose. We believe great architecture has an effect on the human experience, improves the quality of the built environment, helps to preserve historical heritage, and conserve the earth's resources. In our approach Architecture is not just the art and science of designing buildings. But it is a wider discipline which includes the design of the total built environment, from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding manmade landscape (town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture) to the micro level of architectural or construction details and, sometimes, furniture.So our ambition always is to cut through the complexity to make life easier and better for people.

By creating communities that foster inherently more sustainable behaviour, but also a strong identity related with their physical environment and their own places, their memory and their local culture.

This prominence on the physical context as well as the social dimension is fundamental to our design philosophy, which takes as its starting point the acknowledgement that architecture is a cultural phenomenon generated by spirituals as well as materials needs.

Not only buildings but the quality of the urban context influences our comfort. Through smart, comfortable, convenient design - we help people to recognize their own identity, to have interesting experience but at the same time we can help to use fewer resources and produce less waste and pollution.

Our wok is driven by the principle that architecture directly effect the quality of our lives, whether in the work place, at home or in the public spaces. This concern for the physical context has produced a diverse portfolio of projects which are united by their sensitivity to the culture and climate of place, and by their desire to bring a new quality of life to their users and the context they inhabit